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Fundraising Goal

We are thrilled to share that the Butte Creek Mill Rebuild effort is entering its final stages and is on the brink of completion. Our journey to restore this historic landmark has been an incredible undertaking, and we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support you have provided thus far. As we approach the finish line, the Butte Creek Mill Foundation stands just $234,395 away from achieving its construction and equipment goals. This remaining amount will enable them to put the finishing touches on the Mill, ensuring that it can once again serve as a vibrant hub of community activity and a testament to our shared heritage.


Your continued generosity can make all the difference, helping preserve tradition, culture, and a vital piece of history. We invite you to join us in this final push to rebuild the Butte Creek Mill - a symbol of resilience and community spirit. Together, we can ensure that this iconic landmark stands strong for generations to come. Thank you for your invaluable support.


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Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy

Renowned for his extensive three-decade-long career encompassing television, film, and stage, Jim Belushi, an acclaimed alumnus of "Saturday Night Live" and Chicago’s celebrated Second City, invites you to a unique interactive comedy experience. Distinguished not only as a dynamic actor adept in both comedic and dramatic roles but also a compelling frontman of a rhythm and blues band, Belushi now presents an improvised comedy sketch show featuring the talented members of the Board of Comedy. Expect not a traditional sit-back-and-watch program but an engaging party where audience participation influences each performance. Honoring the roots of his comedic beginnings, Belushi is joined on stage by classically trained improvisers Megan Grano, Larry Joe Campbell, Joshua Funk, and Tony Gonzalez, who regularly tour nationwide and contribute to this lively ensemble, subject to availability. This is no ordinary ‘show,’ but rather a shared experience reminiscent of the spirit Belushi first fell in love with in comedy.

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